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Cotton Farming is very Promising Crop, Economically. Farmers can Earn More Money in Short Period of Time...


Cotton Farming has many Challenges in Recent Times...

Main Limiting Factors In Cotton Farming


No Nutrient Management

  • Balanced Nutrients is A Key  Factor in Cotton Farming

  • There is A Very Thin Line Between Deficiency and Toxicity

  • Not Managing Nutrients with Balanced Fertilization Harms Plant and Soil

  • Poor Nutrient Management results in Production Losses in Cotton Cultivation

  • Most of The Farmers follow their Neighbors in Fertilization, whereas every crop and Every Soil has Unique Nutritional Requirements

Poor Roots

Poor Roots

  • Small in Diameter

  • Short Roots

  • Diseased Roots

  • Less In Number

  • Yellow-Black Roots

  • No New Root Development

Poor Growth

Poor Growth

  • No Sufficient Chlorophyl Production

  • To Develop New Roots, New Shoots, New leaves, Flowering fruit Setting and Fruit Maturity takes Huge amount of Chlorophyl.

  • Plant Needs More Food when Fruit Setting Occurs

  • When Plant is Not getting Enough food, Cotton Plant Goes in Stress Condition, Once Cotton Plant Goes in Stress, Will not Recover it.

  • Huge Production Loss Due to Poor Growth.

Flower Fruit Dropping

Flower - Fruit Dropping

  • Fruits not Getting Enough Food To Grow, in the case of Less Food Availability Plant Drops Fruits

  • Fruits Drop Results in Less Production

  • Huge Loss in Cotton Production

Poor leaves

Poor Leaves

  • Small Leaves

  • Hard Leaves

  • Unhealthy Leaves

  • Fewer Leaves

  • Red Leaves

Weak Crop

Weak Crop - Low Immunity

  • Plant has no Energy and Immunity to Fight Against Pest & Diseases

  • Slight Change in Atmosphere Makes Plants Sick

  • Slight Pest attack Stops Plant Growth and Ultimately Production loss Occurs

  •  Slight Stress makes Huge Impact on Overall Cotton Yield

Early Maturity

Early Maturity

  • Cotton Plant getting Older in Early Age 

  • Leaves Get Harder and Red

  • Fruits not Getting Enough Food-Drops.

  •  No New Shoots -No New leaves in Cotton Plant

TCP BOND-Hard Soil

TCP BOND - Hard Soil

  • Cotton Plant requires Soft soil for better Roots Growth

  • Hard Soil Does Not Allow Plants to Uptake Nutrients easily

  • What makes Soil Hard?

  • Phosphorous of DAP and Soil Calcium makes TCP Bond, Which Makes Soil harder

  • Increased Soil pH Do Not Solubilize Nutrients in Soil

  •  Increased pH Does Not Allow Microbes to Grow Well

  • Imbalanced EC- Electrical Conductivity Disturbs Nutrients Uptake in Cotton Plants

  • Hard Soil Does not Allow Oxygen to Penetrate in the Soil

  • Unless we Break TCP BOND, Farming will be Much more Difficult.

Watch Video on YouTube Performance of Plantonics Cotton Special

Plantonics Cotton Special

For Higher Yield of  Cotton

Cotton  Special  Improves  Lust  Green Color,  Growth  of cotton,  induces  flowering. Provides Protection against Flower / Boll Dropping. And Increases size. Plantonics Cotton Special triple acting Organic  input  for  higher  yield  in  Cotton, which  works  as  an Organic  fertilizer,  Organic Plant Growth  Promoter  and Organic Soil Supplement. Plantonics Cotton Special is Research Product for higher  yield in  cotton   & Improved  Soil  fertility, Vigorous  Plant  growth,
Healthy Leaves
Healthy Roots,
Healthy Flower
Healthy Cotton Boll
Increases Cotton  Yield  up  to 100 % in Many Cases. Savings on DAP50 25% to 100% %.
Savings on Urea up to 100%.  
Savings on water Up to 40%. weight of cotton boll.  Boll and Highest yield is Added advantage of Plantonics Cotton Specia; Special.

Cotton Flower Dropping and Cotton fruit Dropping is Biggest issue in Cotton Cultivation. Cotton dying early is also a Huge Problem. Cotton leaves Getting Red, Yellow and Black is burning issue in cotton cultivation. farmers are very tired of using lots of chemicals and fertilizers in cotton. cost of cultivation in cotton crop is very high nowadays. cotton yield is reducing year by year and expenses increasing every year. even after using lots of chemical fertilizers, chemical pesticides, chemical fungicides and chemical insecticides farmers are not getting enough yield. in recent years rates of cotton is very high but cotton production is very difficult task. whatever you do; but cotton production is declining. there main 7 problems in cotton cultivation. 1. No Propper Growth in Early Stage. Growth is visible with higher dosage of Urea, urea makes leaves Black and Hard. 2. Leaves Becomes hard, and Hard leaves can not do proper photosynthesis 3. Flower Dropping is Huge Problem in Cotton. 4. Fruit dropping is big issue in Cotton farming 5. Smaller Size of Boll in second and third harvest. The Boll becomes so small that even cost of harvesting is justifiable. Cotton boll should be as large as it was in first pick. 6. Early maturity of Cotton Crop is Very Much Concerned Issue in Cotton agriculture. cotton dies very early and farmers are not getting enough production as compared to their expenses on chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides. 7. after application of DAP Urea Potash Zinc Sulphate boron calcium nitrate and other chemical fertilizers, soil is booming very hard. hard soil does not allow water and fertilizers to penetrate into the soil, and farmers are giving dosage and dosage and dosage of costly fertilizers. hard soil does not permit cotton roots to go deep into deeper. when roots are not going deep, the cotton plant will not be able to get lots of nutrients and water from the soil. when Cotton plant is not able to supply sufficient nutrients and water, Cotton Plant goes into stress when plant requires lots of Nutrients when bolls are on the growing stage. Plantonics Cotton Special is the Answer to all above Problems. ( Plantonics Cotton Special is Specially Developed 100% Natural Formula to get more Production in Cotton Crop. Since 2009 Plantonics is Working on solving farmers Different Problems in different crops. Plantonics Cotton Special is one of the best product for Cotton. if you browse YouTube, you can find many videos about farmers reviews on Plantonics Cotton Special. one of our video on Cotton watched more than 33,00,000 times on YouTube. ( visit our Page on Cotton farming ( this is a Review on Plantonics Cotton Special by Raju bhai, A Progressive farmer of Limadi, District Surendranagar Gujarat. Raju bhai used Plantonics Cotton Special organic fertilizer Schedule for Cotton. any Hybrid or bt cotton seeds can be used with Plantonics Cotton Special organic fertilizer Schedule. See what Raju bhai says about Plantonics Cotton Special Organic fertilizers.

Gujarat Bio Organics P. Ltd - Plantonics   Working on this Issue Since 2009.

  in Last 12 years we have Conducted many Research and Development and          Developed Plantonics  Cotton Special  Plantonics  Gold and  Plantonics                Granules to Get,

  • Higher Yields

  • Increase Production

  • Reduce use of Hazardous Chemical Fertilizers and Chemical Pesticides 

  • Make Soil fertile

  • Reduce Input Cost

  • Conserve Environment and Natural Bio Diversity

  • Safeguard to Human Animals, and Aqua Life against Hazardous residues of Chemicals in Food Water and Environment.

  • Get More Profit from agriculture and Uplift farmer Community as a Whole.

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How to use Plantonics Cotton Special

Plantonics Cotton Special and Plantonics Gold.

These two products will be required.

Step 1 –

Plantonics  Cotton Special to be run with water / Drench or mixed with any fertilizer, Soil or Sand. Broadcast it on the Field.


Use Plantonics Cotton Special in A Drip or with Running water Fertigation.

Dosage: 1 Liter Per Acre.

 Step 2 – Foliar Spray of Plantonics Cotton Special 1. 5 ML per liter of water and 1.5 ML of Gold per Liter of Water.

 -  Suppose your tank is of 20 liters then you have to spray by mixing 30 ML Cotton Special and 30 ML Gold.

Do 4 such sprays, every week in a gap of 8-10 days.

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