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Highest Potato Yield with Plantonics Organic fertilizer

Plantonics Organic fertilizer Performance on the Potato harvesting Field.


Potato on the Field Shows result of Plantonics Potato Special and Plantonics Gold. Plantonics Potato Special is research product of Gujarat Bio organics. P. Ltd.


Gujarat bio organics P. Ltd is Manufacturing best Organic fertilizer

to promote organic farming in India. organic potato has been cultivated by using Plantonics Potato Special.

Plantonics Potato Special is best organic fertilizer for Potato.


Plantonics Granules_edited_edited.jpg

Plantonics Granules

 Plantonics Granules is developed after years of R & D on field
Plantonics Granules is Balance Diet for Soil and Plant
Plantonics Granules increases soil fertility by balancing Ph, Improving Soil Structure and texture
enhances growth of soil microbes, provides better environment for Growth of beneficial microbes  On the other hand

Plantonics Granules provides many Micro and Macro nutrients, Amino acids and Vitamins in ready to use form Better growth, induces flowering, better fruit setting and Higher Yield  Effective-Result oriented  Time tested formula (far better than Conventional Zyme)  

Approved Organic-Real Organic Yet Best performance
Consistent Quality

Very Effective Organic fertilizer for higher growth

Plantonics Gold

Plantonics Gold is readymade food for plants.Plantonics Gold helps in increasing height and vegetative growth of plant. Plantonics Gold helps in increasing size and weight.Helps in improvement of color, shape and shelflife of Agri Produce.

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Plantonics Potato Special

Improves Plant Health and Vigour Activates Plant's immune System  Helps in Nutrient Uptake From Soil  Increased weight, Size and Shape  Improved protection against stress of fungus pest disease & atmospheric changes  Potato special contains highly effective nutrients in natural form wich Plant can Uptake and Utilize easly compare to Chemical Fertilizers  Potato special contains highly effective plant nutrients in natural form  Derived from naturally growing – occurring herbs and minerals  Which Plants can Uptake and Utilize easily compare to Chemical fertilizers 

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