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Farm Field

Low Production

Farmers are Facing Serious Issue of Low Production

Wheat Crop

Poor Plant Growth

Weak Crop

Farmers feel  Stressed when Crop is Not Growing Well


Poor or Late Flowering &

Flower Dropping

Most of Ther Farmers are facing this Problem in Farming

Picking Grapes

Fruit Dropping

Fruit Dropping is Biggest Issue Nowadays for Farmers and Farmers trying many Chemical Products to Control Fruit Dropping but Fruit Dropping in Agriculture is NOT Stopping.

Girl Picking Apple

Fruit Size Issue

Almost All Farmers are in Frustration Because of Poor Size and Poor Fruit Quality of Thier Agricultural Produce.


Overall Low Production

Even after Doing lots Hardwork, Huge Expenses on Crop Production, Using Lots of Chemical fertilizers and Chemical Pesticides, Farmers are still NOT Getting Enough Production

It's Too Embarrassing 

Farmers Want to Grow More

BUT Not able to find The Way

How Will We Grow Chemical Free Food for 7 Billion Peoples?

Many Challenges are there in Agriculture

Sukhvinder Singh Explaining How He Increased Potato Production with Plantonics Potato Special Organic Fertilizer

Goldy Bhai, AKA Sukhvinder Singh is Using Plantonics Potato Special Organic Fertilizer Since last Three years to Increase Potato Production of Pukhraj, Chipsona Etc...
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  Unfertile Soil 

  (Our Soil Fertility is Degraded Badly) 

  Because of injudicious use of Chemical   fertilizers in farming; 

Soil Structure, Soil Texture, Soil Microflora, 

  Soil pH, Soil Water Retention Capacity is    Completely Disturbed

Harjeet Singh, Renowned Farmer of Ladva, Narayan Garh Haryana & Other Progressive Farmers from Different States Reviewing How Plantonics Potato Special Organic fertilizer Increased 70 bags, with Least Chemical Fertilizers

270 Bags Potato in 70 Days, with Plantonics Potato Special Organic Fertilizer
Potato harvesting Meeting - Reviews of Progressive Farmers on Plantonics Potato Specials Organic Fertilizer

Declined Productivity

 (Almost Every farmer is facing Productivity Issue. 

 Even after Using World Class New Varieties   Seeds & Expensive Imported Water Soluble  Chemical   Fertilizers, Plant Growth Promotors, Enzymes,   Hormones and Other Inputs, Reduction in Crop   Yield - Production is Everywhere) 

Climate Change 

 (Slight Changes in Climate Hits Crop A Lot) 

Global Warming is one the Side effect of Chemical farming only.

Due to Global Warming, our Seasons are Completely Unpredictable. Floods, Draught, Snow Storms, Our Glaciers are Melting.

According to Livemint, Cyclones Increased 52% in last 20 years in Arabian Sea.

Forests are getting burned.

Increased Chemical Dependency

(Needs More Urea- DAP

Our Forefathers used to use 15 Kg Urea, now we are not satisfied even with 100 Kg urea Appliation on the same field.

Poor Quality Leads to Poor Prices

(Food with Chemical Residue Does Not Get Better Prices

 "Our food is Cocktail of Toxin" There many Different types   of Toxins are being consumed by Consumers 

How Farmer Will Survive in This Condition?


Farmer will not Survive, Then How will We Survive?

More Than 75% farmers are in Debt

We are Working on this Issue Since 2009, We have Researched for Many Things...

After Years of Sweat Blood and Tears... We Found that There is only One Way out to Solve All These Problems is Organic Farming. Organic farming is the Only Solution...

Isn't It Alarming?


Most of The Organic farmers get Failed in Organic Farming....

Because of...
Low Agricultural Production.
Poor Quality Food
Unavailability of Certified & Effective Organic Inputs
Lack of Technical Awareness - Knowledge- Training
When farmer shifts from Chemical farming to Organic farming; Soil takes 2-3 Years to come in Proper Production
(Debt Ridden Farmers can't wait that Much)
Gujarat Bio Organics Private Limited is Working Since last 12 years to Overcome All These Problems in Agriculture...
We Have Developed Plantonics Technology Organic Fertilizer to Get More Yield with Less Inputs, Without Harming Nature, Without Disturbing Eco-System, Without Destroying Soil & Soil Microflora.
Plantonics Technology Organic Fertilizer is Helping Lacs of Farmers to Save Their Loved One Plants-Crops, Getting More Yield, Chemical Residue Free Better Quality, Better Prices And Last, But Not The Least; Peace of Mind
Plantonics Technology Organic Fertilizer Farmers are very Stable Because their Crops are Growing Like Anything
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Welcome to Gujarat Bio Organics Pvt. Ltd

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Gujarat Bio Organics Pvt. Ltd., was established in 2009 as a Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of high grade Organic Fertilizer, Plantonics Granules, Plantonics Liquid, Organic Soil Conditioner, Humic Acid Granules, Seaweed Granules, Seaweed Extract, Amino Acid Granules, Organic Micronutrient, Bio Fertilizer, etc.

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