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How can I Increase 100 Quintal Sugarcane Production Per Acre?

There are 7 Areas which can be Improved in Sugarcane Farming in India which may increase 100 Quintals Sugarcane production per Acre

1. Plant Population Per Acre

Too Many Plants per acre and Too less Plants Per Acre Leads to Production Loss. 
for Example if you Plant Sugarcane at Plant to Plant distance of  28-30 inch, than it will be more than 70000 Plants Per Acre, which will lead to 20-30 % immature Plants. 
Maintaining Plant Population around 50000 Plants per acre will help each Plant to grow well and it will be eligible for Millable Cane.

2. Plant Nutrition Imbalance

Balanced Nutrition is King in Sugarcane Farming. 
Nowadays in India Overdose of Chemical fertilizer a New Normal and kind of Fashion. Many farmers copy other farmers.
Primary Nutrients: Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium.
Secondary Nutrients: Calcium
Magnesium, Sulfur.
Micro Nutrients: Copper, Zinc, Boron, Manganese, Iron,
Molybdenum, Selenium, Cobalt, Nickel.
Newly Researched Very Small Quantity Required Nutrients: Chlorine, Silica Aluminum.
Non Minerals Nutrients: Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen.


3. Unfertile Soil

Soil is one of the most Yield Influencing factor in Sugarcane farming.
But the situation of more than 90% of Sugarcane growing soil is Degraded like anything...
Most of the Sugarcane soil is in Dead Condition, The Soil is Unfertile and not in a condition which can grow sugarcane which was being grown earlier.
The Main Problems in Indian Sugarcane Soil is..
1. Structure is Disturbed, Not allowing 
2. Texture is Bad - Soil being Compact and Hard
3 pH is High .. Up to 9 somewhere more than 9 
4. EC = Electrical Conductivity is totally out of shape, not Appropriate for sugarcane farming. 
5. Soil Microbial Favorability is Totally Dead. where Soil Microflora can not Grow and Flourish.

4. Small - Unhealthy Roots

Roots are the First Point which Collects the Nutrients from Soil and Passes on to The Plant via Xylem and Phloem
if Roots are not Good and less in Numbers than Plant can not row up to the Full Potential..
Today's Sugarcane farming in India is Suffering a Lot because Roots are..

A. Smaller in Size
B. Less Number of Roots
C. Smaller in Length
D. Diseased Roots
Unless we Work on Roots, We will not be Able to get Better Sugarcane Production.

5. Transpiration

Sugarcane Plants Transports Nutrients and Water through Transpiration Process. in which Plants uses Xylem and Phloem to transport Nutrients from Roots to Leaves. 
Situation of in Sugarcane farming in India is getting poor and poor because Transpiration Process in Greatly Affected because of Unavailability of Vital Nutrients and use of Hazardous Chemicals in Sugarcane farming. 

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