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Organic farming in India

Organic farming in India is Booming now.


Farmers are tired of using chemical fertilizers and Chemical pesticides, are looking for Stable and Sustainable Low cost farming systems.

On the other hand Government of India is also changed focus from chemical farming to Organic farming and Awareness, Publicity and Promotion can be seen in most of farmer – Agriculture related Functions and seminars.

India is on number 1 in terms of Number of Organic farmer worldwide, but lacking behind in terms of area under organic cultivation.

As all we know chemical farming harms badly Our Natural Habitat, Eco-System, Bio Diversity, Soil and Aqua Life.

its our duty to take action towards Keeping our Blue Planet Greener & Greener.

if we analyze our food, we will not eat the food, because it became mixture of Different Chemicals which harms our body. I sadly mention that some chemicals harms Fetus too, as some of chemical pesticides inhibits absorption of folic acid in Pregnant women, and without folic acid fetus can not form vital organs of body.

As Ayurveda said, your food is your Medicine,  but today our food is Poison.

24/7/365 days we are exposed to those chemicals which is not allowed to lend on many countries, but in India we are spraying thousands of tons hazardous Chemical Pesticides on agricultural crops, and it contaminates our Soil, Water bodies, Food Produce and Our Body.

as per one Survey 67 Chemical Pesticides are totally banned in Most of the Countries of the World, but Allowed in India, In my View, Universities make Recommendations for those harmful chemical pesticides without analyzing health and environmental hazards. while Food & Drug Department is also not taking samples or action against those, who use red label Chemical Pesticides in Food items.Farmers are using chemical pesticides which is tend to keep higher rate of hazardous chemicals residue in food and Vegetables. these chemicals are labeled to have minimum residue duration of 14 days, but farmers spray chemicals in morning and in evening takes there agri produce in market, we consume it less than 24 hours of spray.

i feel its time to take action and help farmer to go for organic farming and buy Organic food at bit higher price, by this we can protect our family from adverse effects on health.

Main Problem faced in Organic farming is Availability of Quality Input and No efforts to Promote R & D activities.


in my farm visit and village meetings, farmers asked me one question frequently ” who will buy our Organic food ? “

IFOAM , International Federation for Organic Agriculture Movements is Pioneer in Organic farming and working towards making Sustainable Organic Agriculture Worldwide.

At Gujarat Bio Organics P.Ltd we strive to Support Organic farming by giving access to farmers with highly efficient Inputs to improve Soil fertility and Higher Yield.

Plantonics Granules_edited_edited.jpg

Plantonics Granules

 Plantonics Granules is developed after years of R & D on field
Plantonics Granules is Balance Diet for Soil and Plant
Plantonics Granules increases soil fertility by balancing Ph, Improving Soil Structure and texture
enhances growth of soil microbes, provides better environment for Growth of beneficial microbes  On the other hand

Plantonics Granules provides many Micro and Macro nutrients, Amino acids and Vitamins in ready to use form Better growth, induces flowering, better fruit setting and Higher Yield  Effective-Result oriented  Time tested formula (far better than Conventional Zyme)  

Approved Organic-Real Organic Yet Best performance
Consistent Quality

Very Effective Organic fertilizer for higher growth

Plantonics Gold

Plantonics Gold is readymade food for plants.Plantonics Gold helps in increasing height and vegetative growth of plant. Plantonics Gold helps in increasing size and weight.Helps in improvement of color, shape and shelflife of Agri Produce.

05 ONION BOTTLE._edited.jpg

Plantonics Onion Special

 It is one of the micro nutrients. It plays a role in forming and strengthening cell walls. It aids in nitrogen fixation and nodulation in legumes. It is imp in sugar transport, cell division, and synthesising certain enzymes  Deficiency causes short and thick cell walls, root and pollen tube elongation is inhibited, seed setting reduces, stunted growth  In order to overcome all the major problems caused by Boron deficiency, Gujarat Bio Organics pvt Ltd have manufactured Plantonics Boron by complexing naturally occurring micro nutrients with organic Boron  Stimulated root development  Increased flowering & pollen grain germination  Increased seed setting/ Fruit setting  Increased Nitrogen fixing capacity of legumes  Increased stalk & stem strength  Increased self life of fruits

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