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Plantonics Apple Special Miracles in Apple Crops

This is Tausif Ahemad Dar’s Apple Orchid in Anantnag District. Mr. Tausif was getting about 600 boxes every year, last 5-6 year’s Average, but after Application of Plantonics organic fertilizer this year he got 1200+ Boxes. Mr. Tausif also observed that the average box weight was about 16 kg, but this year it is at least 17 kg+. He Also noticed that all near by apple orchids leaves dropped, but Plantonics organic fertilizer treated apple orchids were intact and leaves was like new. nearby farmers are asking why your leaves are dropped ? he says you also apply Plantonics organic fertilizer to improve leaves health. Mr. Tausif says i have used Plantonics organic fertilizer, i got good results, almost double production and than i recommend Plantoncs organic fertilizer to all farmers.

Mr. Imtiyaz was also Present there, he also shared his experience. Mr. Imtiyaz was facing Root rot problem in 4 Apple trees and he made up his mind to cut those trees, because since 3-4 years he was not getting anything from those trees. But he got improvement in all tress just after single Application of Plantoncs Apple Special, Plantonics Gold and Plantonics Gold. he is very happy to see those plants are same as other plants.

Another Renowned Farmer of Shopian Mr. Riyaz Sahab was Present and he also shared his Experience. Riyaz Sahab says his orchid used to give 8000 boxes earlier, but day by orchid started declining from 8000 boxes to 6000 than 5000 than slowly slowly it came to 1800 boxes in 2016. on the other hand Apple quality was declining. Riyaz Sahab was really worried about Quantity and Quality. even after increasing dosage of chemical fertilizer and Chemical pesticides, Orchid was out of Control. but when he heard about Plantonics from Fayaz Ahemad, he immediately applied Plantonics organic fertilizer and the results were not less than MIRACLES !!! Because Riyaz Sahab got 4000-4500 boxes in first year with Plantonics organic fertilizer.

Riyaz Sahab also mentioned that Despite of 4500 boxes Quality of Apple Improved a lot. Secondly Leaves of Apple tree are intact, where as his uncle’s orchid has severe leaves dropping.

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