Plantonics  Immunity  Special

Organic Immunity Booster for Plants & Crops

Immunity  Special  is  Specially  Developed  Essential  Organic  Input  for
Better  protection  against atmospheric changes Stress reliever
Provides highly efficient nutrients
Fights against stress of Fungus Pest atmospheric temperature & nutrient imbalance Stronger roots and healthy leaves.

Go Organic Go Green
Organic farming with Organic Fertilizer is Best Cultivation Method in Agriculture History



Gujarat Bio Organics P. Ltd - Plantonics   Working on this Issue Since 2009.

     in Last 12 years we have Conducted many Research and Development and             Developed Plantonics Immunity  Special Plantonics Gold and  Plantonics                 Granules to Get,

  • Higher Yields

  • Increase Production

  • Reduce use of Hazardous Chemical Fertilizers and Chemical Pesticides 

  • Make Soil fertile

  • Reduce Input Cost

  • Conserve Environment and Natural Bio Diversity

  • Safeguard to Human Animals, and Aqua Life against Hazardous residues of Chemicals in Food Water and Environment.

  • Get More Profit from agriculture and Uplift farmer Community as a Whole.