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Plantonics Magnesium

Magnesium is an indispensable mineral for plant growth, for it plays a major role in the production of chlorophyll, on which photosynthesis depends. Many critical physiological and biochemical processes in plants are adversely affected by Magnesium deficiency, leading to impairments in growth and yield.

Amino Acids acts as natural chelating agents which engulfs the nutrients and helps in easy in-take of the nutrients by the plants. Plantonics Magnesium is available in both liquid and granules form. Plantonics Magnesium in granular formed slow releasing nature of the base material makes the nutrient available to the plant for longer duration.


Enhances synthesis of organic compounds which are useful for plant growth and functioning.

Helps in chlorophyll formation, hence increases the photosynthetic rate.

Increases the yield & Quality of the produce.

Helps in Synthesis of amino acids and cell proteins.

Facilitates the utilization of other important nutrients by the plant.

Completely Biodegradable and improves soil health


Compatible to be used along with other fertilizers/pesticides


It is recommended for vegetables, paddy, wheat, maize, fruits, cotton, cereals, Soya, chilies, horticultural crop and all other crops.

Method of application & Dosage :

Liquid :  Foliar Application : 2-3 ml/Litre of water, Drip Irrigation : 1-1.5 Litre/acre

Granule : 20-25 Kg/acre *

*Dosages will vary based on various Geo Climatic conditions & crops.

Packing :

Liquid formulations : 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 Ltr, 5 Ltr

Granular formulations : 5 Kg, 10 Kg, 24 Kg, 48 Kg

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