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Plantonics Mango Special

For Higher Yield of  Mango

Plantonics Mango Special is specially developed balanced and complete Organic Blend for higher

yield of Mango Crop Long green healthy leaves  Improved Photosynthesis  Better tolerance


against atmospheric changes  Increased Flowering- Least Dropping  Due to Global warming and


hazardous chemical application on soil, our crop's tolerance power is weaken greatly, crop is not able


to cope up with atmospheric –temperature changes, imbalanced nutrient availability and Biotic Stress


Plantonics Mango Special provides vital nutrients in natural form, which plant can utilize easily 


fertilie soil and Healthy Crop Prevents damages of Biotic and abiotic Stress Healthy and long roots


uptakes more nutrients and improved Photosynthesis insures increased fruit size and weight 


Plantonics Mango Special is Blend of Naturally growing herbs and Plants  Nutrients of Plantonics


Mango Special are highly efficient and readily bio-available for plant  Plantonics Mango Special starts


work within minutes and shows positive effects in short period of time.

Gujarat Bio Organics P. Ltd - Plantonics   Working on this Issue Since 2009.

     in Last 12 years we have Conducted many Research and Development and             Developed Plantonics Mango  Special Plantonics Gold and  Plantonics                     Granules to Get,

  • Higher Yields

  • Increase Production

  • Reduce use of Hazardous Chemical Fertilizers and Chemical Pesticides 

  • Make Soil fertile

  • Reduce Input Cost

  • Conserve Environment and Natural Bio Diversity

  • Safeguard to Human Animals, and Aqua Life against Hazardous residues of Chemicals in Food Water and Environment.

  • Get More Profit from agriculture and Uplift farmer Community as a Whole.

Watch Video on YouTubePerformance of Plantonics Mango Special

Plantonics Mango Special Performance


Which Products to be Used ?

Marble Surface

Plantonics Mango Special

Plantonics Gold

Plantonics Gold is readymade food for plants. Plantonics Gold helps in increasing height and vegetative growth of plant. Plantonics Gold helps in increasing size and weight. Helps in improvement of color, shape and shelf life of Agri Produce.

Plantonics Granules

Plantonics Granules is developed after years of R & D on field
Plantonics Granules is Balance Diet for Soil and Plant
Plantonics Granules increases soil fertility by balancing Ph, Improving Soil Structure and texture