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Plantonics Organic input review for Onion higher yield early germination

Farmer’s review Plantonics Organic Input who used Plantonics in Onion and ALFAALFA (Rajkot) for “Plantonics” an Innovative research product of Gujarat Bio Organics P.Ltd

his onion was in very bad condition and after application of Plantonics, his onion was recovered within three days, he noticed visible difference within three days. another farmer Mr. Satar bhai used Plantonics in ALFALFA, and magically he seen his crop was germinated within three days, which normally takes 7 to 9 days.

after treatment of plantonics he is happy with performance of plantonics, also recommends other farmers to use it.

so many peoples quit conventional farming after use of Plantonics liquid and Granules.

Our mission is to protect Soil,crops, human and animals from hazardous adverse effect of chemical fertilizers, improve livelihood of farmer, safe and sufficient food for all.

to make happy and healthy community Plantonics is committed to provide best solutions for agriculture.

come join us to save our Eco-System and Bio Diversity.

please visit for further details.

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Plantonics Granules

 Plantonics Granules is developed after years of R & D on field
Plantonics Granules is Balance Diet for Soil and Plant
Plantonics Granules increases soil fertility by balancing Ph, Improving Soil Structure and texture
enhances growth of soil microbes, provides better environment for Growth of beneficial microbes  On the other hand

Plantonics Granules provides many Micro and Macro nutrients, Amino acids and Vitamins in ready to use form Better growth, induces flowering, better fruit setting and Higher Yield  Effective-Result oriented  Time tested formula (far better than Conventional Zyme)  

Approved Organic-Real Organic Yet Best performance
Consistent Quality

Very Effective Organic fertilizer for higher growth

Plantonics Gold

Plantonics Gold is readymade food for plants.Plantonics Gold helps in increasing height and vegetative growth of plant. Plantonics Gold helps in increasing size and weight.Helps in improvement of color, shape and shelflife of Agri Produce.

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Plantonics Onion Special

 It is one of the micro nutrients. It plays a role in forming and strengthening cell walls. It aids in nitrogen fixation and nodulation in legumes. It is imp in sugar transport, cell division, and synthesising certain enzymes  Deficiency causes short and thick cell walls, root and pollen tube elongation is inhibited, seed setting reduces, stunted growth  In order to overcome all the major problems caused by Boron deficiency, Gujarat Bio Organics pvt Ltd have manufactured Plantonics Boron by complexing naturally occurring micro nutrients with organic Boron  Stimulated root development  Increased flowering & pollen grain germination  Increased seed setting/ Fruit setting  Increased Nitrogen fixing capacity of legumes  Increased stalk & stem strength  Increased self life of fruits

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