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Plantonics Potash

Plantonics Potash Organic Potash AKA Potassium is an essential plant nutrient and is required in large amounts for proper growth and reproduction of plants. Potassium is commonly considered as the “quality nutrient.” It affects the plant shape, size, color, taste and other measurements attributed to healthy produce.

Potassium deficiency might cause abnormalities in plants. Conditions such as Chlorosis, Slow or Stunted growth, Poor resistance to temperature changes and to drought and Defoliation as well as Poor resistance to pests, Weak and unhealthy roots, Uneven ripening of fruits In Order to overcome all the major problems faced by using inorganic potash, Gujarat Bio Organics Pvt Ltd have manufactured Plantonics Potash by complexing Organic Potash. Plantonics Potash is available in both liquid and granules form. Plantonics potash in granular form is formed slow releasing nature of the base material makes the nutrient available to the plant for longer duration.

In Photosynthesis, potassium regulates the opening and closing of stomata, and therefore regulates CO2 uptake.

Potassium triggers activation of enzymes and is essential for production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).

Potassium plays a major role in the regulation of water in plants (osmo-regulation). Both uptake of water through plant roots and its loss through the stomata are affected by potassium.


Known to improve drought resistance.

Protein and starch synthesis in plants require potassium as well. Potassium is essential at almost every step of the protein synthesis. In starch synthesis, the enzyme responsible for the process is activated by potassium.


Activation of enzymes – potassium has an important role in the activation of many growth related enzymes in plants.


Increases the flower formation, fruit set, seed set and rate of maturity which results in higher yields

Improves the color of the fruits, thus increasing their market value.  Promotes growth of healthy green leaves and reduces the intensity of choruses. 
Completely biodegradable.

Prolongs the shelf life of the produce.


Compatible to be used along with other fertilizers/pesticides.


It is recommended for vegetables, paddy, wheat, maize, fruits, cotton, cereals, Soya, chilies, horticultural crop and all other crops.

Method of application & Dosage :

Liquid :  Foliar Application : 2-3 ml/Litre of water, Drip Irrigation : 1-1.5 Litre/acre

Granule : 20-25 Kg/acre *

*Dosages will vary based on various Geo Climatic conditions & crops.

Packing :

Liquid formulations : 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 Ltr, 5 Ltr

Granular formulations : 25 Kg bag

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