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Are You Growing Potatoes?

Poor Plant Growth

Weak Roots

Small & Unhealthy Leaves

Weak Stem

is this Your Potato farming Story?


Small Size Potato
Less Number Of Tuber is
Reducing Your Yield Year by Year?

Costly Chemical Fertilizers Required More & More Every year? 

Is Your Soil Degrading Year By Year? 

Your Potato Quality Degrading ?
Not Getting Better Market Rates?

More Chemical Pesticides Requirement is Headache for You in Potato farming?

Rotting of Potato in Cold Store is Big Issue for You?

Are You Facing Problem of 2 Oversize Potato, 3 Propper Size, 4 Medium Size and 5 Undersize Potato?
Which Results in Low Market Prices?

Are You A Person who is Willing to Increase Your yield to Next level?

Best Organic Fertilizer for Potato

Plantonics Potato Special

" I Am Getting 50,000 Extra per Acre from Plantonics Potato Special Organic Fertilizer"
-Sukhvinder Singh, Progressive Farmer of Punjab

125 Bags Potato Extra in One Acre
Expenses Half, Production 150%
Adding 5 bags of chemicals DAP and 9000 kg of poultry manure is producing 200-225 bags, (in 75-80 days crop) while Plantonics Potato Special with Plantonics Granules and Plantonics Gold Sukhwinder Singh - Goldie Bhai is producing 375 bags.
What are you doing potato farmers brothers? Where are you able to get yield even after putting so much poison by putting 3-4-5- 5 bags of Die?Now turn around, waste of money, wastage of soil, low yield, poor quality, low rate, low overall income, still you will continue to do chemical and chemical chemicals? Have these chemicals not ruined the farmer? Neither we have production in our hands, nor soil is left with the farmer nor money is left with the farmer, how long will all this last?Seeing this field of Goldie Pazzi's Plantonics Potato Special's treatment, which chemical person can say that in 75-80 days I can get this much crop?Goldie Paaji is telling that even when all the potato people were crying, Goldie had earned 70 thousand rupees.Goldie Pazzi has made a fortune with Plantonics, don't you care about your family, your soil?Change the practice before it is too late, tomorrow it should not happen that the debt increases so much that even the money for fertilizer seeds and medicines is not left, transfer to Plantonics in time, you have been watching the rest of the chemical farming for years.Millions of farmers have made their crop soil and quality bright with the treatment of plantonics, along with their luck, whose path are you looking for?

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Listen How Sukhvinder Singh is Getting 50,000 Extra Benefit Per Acre from Potato farming with Plantonics Potato Special Organic Fertilizer Every year Since Last Three years.

Pukhraj Potato | Potato Seed | Plantonics Organic Fertilizers | Goldy Bhai | Potatoes | Agriculture|

Goldy Bhai, A Progressive Farmer of Khamanu, Punjab India, Growing Potato with Plantonics Organic Fertilizers since last Three Years.
Nowadays Potato farmers are Facing many Issue in Potato Cultivation. Potato Yield is getting down and Expenses of Chemical fertilizers are Increasing. Potato fertilizers like DAP, Potash UREA NPK Fertilizers, Zinc, Boron and Other Chemical fertilizer are getting Costlier Day by Day.
Whereas Higher Cost of Production Increasing and Market Price of Potatoes is Unpredictable. Also Productivity of Soil is Declining because of Heavy use of Chemical fertilizers and Chemicals pesticides.
Goldy bhai Used to get 200-250 Katta (50 Kg Bag) Per Acre Since Many years, and Goldy bhai Used to think all the time, "how can i Increase Potatoes Production?
How Can I Increased Potato Yield? he Tried Many Techniques to increase Potato Production. He tried many Fertilizer schedules for potatoes. he found different Potato fertilizer schedule PDFs online, He tried many of them but Potato Production was not Increasing.
When Baljit Singh, Close friend of Goldy Bhai Called him to Meet Plantonics Representative in Thaska Pind of Mohali Punjab, in a Meeting with Plantonics Representative, Goldy bhai Got Clear Idea, why he is Not Able to get Optimum Yield of Potatoes.
Goldy Bhai Applied PLANTONICS POTATO SPECIAL, PLANTONICS GOLD AND PLANTONICS GRANULES as per Company Suggestion. Today on this field we can see its minimum 400 Katta (50 kg Bag) is there Per Acre. Now Goldy Bhai Thought, I was using All Chemical Fertilizers like DAP UREA POTASH ZINC BORON CALCIUM NITRATE and many Other Fertilizers and then i was Getting 250 Bag Poor Quality Potatoes, and Now With Plantonics I Am Sure I Am Getting atleast 400 Bags Potato. There are Hundreds of Progressive Farmers visiting this Potato field and Participated in this Harvesting Meeting From Punjab, Haryana, UP Gujarat, Bihar Etc...
Plantonics Potato Special is a Quality Product of Gujarat Bio Organics Private Limited, Number one Organic Fertilizer Manufacturer in India. Goldy Bhai Says, Save Soil, Soil Will Definitely Save you, AND If you Kill Soil, Soil Will not Help You. 

Plantonics Potato Special is a Best Potato fertilizer for Highest Potato Yield.

Plantonics Potato Special is Special Organic Fertilizer for Potato Crop.

Plantonics Potato Special Helps Potatoes farmers to get More Yield and Better Prices in Any Special Potato Variety Like Pukhraj, Chipsona Number 1, LR, Luvkar, Khyati, Jyoti, Sindhuri, 3797, Diamond, Innovator Chandramukhi,  Etc..

Improved  protection against stress of fungus pest disease. Increased weight, Size and Shape. Helps in Nutrient Uptake From Soil. Activates Plant's immune System.  Improves Plant  Health  and  Vigour   & Which  Plants  can  Uptake  and  Utilize easily compare to Chemical Fertilizers  Derived  from  naturally  growing – occurring  herbs and minerals.  Potato  special  contains  highly effective plant nutrients in natural form. Potato special contains  highly  effective  nutrients  in natural form which Plant can Uptake and Utilize easily compare to Chemical Fertilizers atmospheric changes. 

Why Organic farming Is Important? 

If Soil and Plant is Healthy, Then Organic Cultivars will require less chemical Fertilizers and Chemical Pesticides. 

If Organic farmer is Growing Food With Organic fertilizers, Then Soil and Plant will be healthy, and Healthy Plant will Survive against Atmospheric Changes.


Gujarat Bio Organics P. Ltd - Plantonics 

Working on this Issue Since 2009.

In Last 12 years we have Conducted many Research and Development and Developed Plantonics Potato  Special Plantonics Gold and  Plantonics Granules to Get,

  • Higher Yields

  • Increase Production

  • Reduce use of Hazardous Chemical Fertilizers and Chemical Pesticides 

  • Make Soil fertile

  • Reduce Input Cost

  • Conserve Environment and Natural Bio Diversity

  • Safeguard to Human Animals, and Aqua Life against Hazardous residues of Chemicals in Food Water and Environment.

  • Get More Profit from agriculture and Uplift farmer Community as a Whole.

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Performance of Plantonics Potato Special

23 Days Potato Crop with Plantonics Organic Fertilizer

53 Days Potato field Plantonics Organic Fertilizer field

How to use  Plantonics in Potato

Plantonics Potato Special and Plantonics Gold.

These two products will be required.

Step 1 –

Plantonics  Potato Special to be run with water / Drench or mixed with any fertilizer, Soil or Sand. Broadcast it on the Field.


Use Plantonics Potato Special in A Drip or with Running water Fertigation.

Dosage: 1 Liter Per Acre.

 Step 2 – Foliar Spray of Plantonics Potato Special 1. 5 ML per liter of water and 1.5 ML of Gold per Liter of Water.

 -  Suppose your tank is of 20 liters then you have to spray by mixing 30 ML Potato Special and 30 ML Gold.

Do 4 such sprays, every week in a gap of 8-10 days.

Does Soil Health Really matters to you?
Want to Increase Potato Yield and Reduce Chemical Fertilizer Expenses Like DAP Etc...

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