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Grated Potatoes

Why Am I Loosing 50 Bags Potato Per Acre?

Do You Know? 

Most of the Indian farmers are losing at least 50 Bags potato yield Per Acre Due to one and Another Reasons.

What is your Main Cause for Loosing at least 50 Bags Potato Per Acre?


Less Number of Tubers

Less Number of Tubers is Problem where Potato farmers can't do anything.


Small Size of Potato

Potato Size is a very big Factor in Potato Farming.

one of every third farmer is facing this issue in India.

Small Size Potato is Big Headache Nowadays.


Poor Growth of Potato Plant

Poor Potato Plant Growth is story of another farmer. More than 50% farmers feel that their Potato Plant growth is not up to the Mark.

Poor Plant Growth is One of The Factor reducing Yield in Potato Farming.

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