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Is Agriculture easy in Today's Time?
Absolutely NOT.

Farmers are Facing Many Problems Like LESS YIELD, Higher Prices of CHEMICAL FERTILIZERS and Chemical Pesticides, Uncertainty of Crop, Global Warming is Changing Climate and In Chaining Climate Crops are not able to Withstand against Atmospheric changes. 

Soil is Degrading, Wants more and more Chemicals Dosage.

Crop is WEAK because SOIL is WEAK.

Cost of Cultivation is Going HIGH.

Higher PESTICIDES RESIDUE FOOD PRODUCE is not Acceptable in Many European and US Market so PRICES are less as Compared to Chemical Residue Free Food

How Farmer will Survive?

Farmers are HELPLESS !!!

  • FARMERS have No Control  on Chemical Fertilizers Prices

  • FARMERS have No Control on Global Warming & Climate Change

  • FARMERS have No Control Over Agricultural Food Produces Market Prices.

How Farmers Will Come out of This Situiation?

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