How Will we Grow Chemical Free Food for 7 Billion Peoples?

Many Challenges are there in Agriculture

Unfertile Soil

(Our Soil is Degraded Badly)

Declined Productivity

(Almost Every farmer is facing Productivity Issue)

Atmospheric Changes

(Slight Changes in Atmosphere Hits Crop A Lot)

Increased Chemical Dependency

(Needs More Urea- DAP)

Poor Quality Leads to Poor Prices

(Food with Chemical Residue Does Not Get Better Prices)

How Farmer Will Survive in This Condition?


Farmer will not Survive, Then How will We Survive?

Isn't It Alarming?

To Address All The Problems, Organic Farming is the Only Solution.

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Gujarat Bio Organics Pvt. Ltd., was established in 2009 as a Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of high grade Organic Fertilizer, Plantonics Granules, Plantonics Liquid, Organic Soil Conditioner, Humic Acid Granules, Seaweed Granules, Seaweed Extract, Amino Acid Granules, Organic Micronutrient, Bio Fertilizer, etc.

Sugarcane Kit Plantonics Organic Fertilizer

Plantonics Sugarcane Special

Best for High Yielding Sugarcane Crop

Sugarcane special is specially developed natural mixture of nutrients for optimum crop production.

Why should i use Sugarcane Special?

Many farmers are using Sugarcane special since years to increase yield of sugarcane crop.

Green and healthy Crop
Improved immune System
Increased sugar content
Increased weight
Improved protection against stress of fungus pest disease & atmospheric changes.


Plantonics Potato Special

Best Choice for Higher Production of Potato

Improves Plant Health and Vigor

Activates Plant's immune System 

Helps in Nutrient Uptake From Soil

 Increased weight, Size and Shape

 Improved protection against stress of fungus pest disease & atmospheric changes 

Potato special contains highly effective nutrients in natural form which Plant can Uptake and Utilize easily compare to Chemical Fertilizers Potato special contains highly effective plant nutrients in natural form

Derived from naturally growing – occurring herbs and minerals

Which Plants can Uptake and Utilize easily compare to Chemical fertilizers 

Plantonics Mango Special

For Higher Yield in Mango

Plantonics Mango Special is specially developed balanced and complete Organic Blend for higher yield of Mango Crop.

Long green healthy leaves.

Improved Photosynthesis.

Better tolerance against atmospheric changes.

Increased Flowering- Least Dropping

Due to Global warming and hazardous chemical application on soil, our crop's tolerance power is weaken greatly, crop is not able to cope up with atmospheric –temperature changes, imbalanced nutrient availability and Biotic Stress.

Plantonics Mango Special provides vital nutrients in natural form, which plant can utilize easily.

fertilie soil and Healthy Crop Prevents damages of Biotic and abiotic Stress.

Healthy and long roots uptakes more nutrients and improved Photosynthesis insures increased fruit size and weight.

Plantonics Mango Special is Blend of Naturally growing herbs and Plants.

Nutrients of Plantonics Mango Special are highly efficient and readily bio-available for plant

Plantonics Mango Special starts work within minutes and shows positive effects in short period of time

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The Biggest Quiestion

How Will We Grow Chemical Residue free enough food for 9 Billion Peoples?

                In recent times we are facing many challenges in Health, Environment, Food and Agriculture.

If we analyze the root cause of the Problem; everything leads to higher use of Hazardous Chemicals in Agriculture.


Our Soil is Degraded, Our Soil is totally Unfertile now, .

Structure and Texture of Soil is Disturbed, pH Imbalanced, Soil Microflora died, Soil Productivity is Compromised like never before. 

Chemical fertilizer dependency increasing Because of Non-fertile Soil.

Plants and Crops are getting Weaker, so slight changes in atmosphere harms a lot, also Plants and Crop can not withstand against Pest and Insect attacks in such conditions.


On the Other hand Hazardous Chemicals residues increased in Food Chain,

Peoples are Dying by Consuming heavy Chemicals residues containing food.


Health of Peoples compromised and Health Budget Skyrocketed because of Unhealthy Food.


As far as Environment and Biodiversity is concerned; Conventional Chemicals farming has hit a lot.

As per National Wildlife. Org, 32 % of Species are Declining and many of them are in Rare and Endangered category. 

Soil Microflora Like Azotobacter, Rhizobium Trichoderma, Verticillium etc.. Are totally vanished from soil, when Earthworms are in Rare Category.

Friendly Insects like Honey Bees, Ladybugs, Green Lacewings, Spiders, Ground Beetles, Soldier Beetles etc. have been identified in Red Category and about to Extinct


One of the biggest Problem farmers are facing today is; Decline in Agricultural Production and Increased Dependence on Chemicals.


Farmer’s Input Budget increased many fold in recent years, because of increased dependence on chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides.

Secondly because of Poor Quality and Higher chemicals residues; farmers are not getting enough Prices for their agricultural produce.


Health of Farmers and farm workers is compromised greatly because of chemical pesticides, most of the cancer patients are farmers nowadays. 

Because of Complete indiscretion use of harsh Agrochemicals in Agriculture; Puberty and infertility is one of the biggest challenges amongst the farming community. 


Global Hunger is One of the Biggest Challenge in the World.

According to Welthhungerlife; 690 million people do not get enough food daily, more than 2 billion people are Malnourished and suffering malnutrition.

 Many Countries are under pressure to handle this challenge, as if they use more chemicals in agriculture; their soil becomes unfertile and if they do not use chemicals then enough agricultural production is declining.


If we summarize, Our Soil is Degraded- Non Fertile and in Complete Disaster,

Our Health is Compromised, Cancer Diabetes, Hypertension, Liver Failure - Kidney failure, Puberty - Infertility, and Many diseases are increasing because of hazardous chemicals residue in food chain,

Our Environment & Biodiversity is in Endanger

Agricultural Production is Declined greatly and totally dependent on Hazardous Chemicals,

Poor Quality of Agricultural Produce does not pay off to farmers,

Global hunger is killing millions of peoples because of non availability of food, Malnutrition

last but not the least farmers community is under gigantic debt everywhere.

What is The Root Cause of All these Problems?

The Root cause of this problem is Conventional farming and Higher use of chemicals in Agriculture.

If we do not think about it today; It will be very scary to think about 10-20 years from now.

How will our Next Generation get Food?

Will they be able to Produce enough quality food? 

will they be able to Grow the food Without chemical residue?

How costly will it be?

Will the food be sufficient for 9 Billion Peoples on the Planet ? 

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The Answer

“When Every System fails, Follow the Basic Rule”

Organic Farming has been Growing Enough food for The World for Thousand Years…

And It will Continue to Feed If...

We can Just change our focus from Chemicals to Organic...


Gujarat Bio Organics Private Limited is Working on this Issue since last 12 years..


We have Identified the Problem, We have Developed many technologies to overcome this devil, we have tried and tested on the lacs of farmer fields.. 

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